‘Why-driven’ shopper research

Shopper research is often all about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, and misses the ‘why’

Traditional shopper research often takes a ‘category’ rather than a customer need perspective – it’s about the ‘what’ they do and the ‘how’ they do it, but this misses ‘why’ they do it.

Ultimately, shoppers are shopping to solve a need. Starting shopper research from this perspective uncovers the deeper ‘why’s that give your shopper programs a competitive advantage.

Case Study

Creating customer value at the shelf

We were challenged to grow sales of a healthcare supplement provider by reimagining the instore shopper experience.

By exploring the market through a needs rather than a category lens, we created a very different perspective on how shoppers shop for vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

This needs-based lens generated greater customer value and recommended a promotional and pricing strategy, pack messaging, and a better store layout, resulting in an improved shopper experience and subsequent uplift in sales.

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