Syndicated ‘big picture’ studies

Cost-effective contextual studies on culture, lifestyle, and key customer moments

Stretched budgets don’t always allow for important contextual projects to understand shifting culture, lifestyle contexts, and universal occasions.

For example, how are mid-week dinners changing? Or do we understand what mums’ lives are really like?

When we see there is a need across our clients, we partner with them collectively – so for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves, clients can understand the bigger contextual picture.

Case Studies

What Australians have for dinner

A major supermarket was asking a number of our clients to profile what Australians eat for mid-week dinners.

While this was a critical occasion individually, our clients’ budgets didn’t stretch to a detailed U&A on this single meal occasion.

We collaborated with multiple clients and conducted a detailed U&A on Australians’ midweek dinners – from what they eat, to how it is shopped for, prepared and eaten – giving organisations access to a detailed understanding of this critical meal occasion for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

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