About us

Get to know Bread + Butter a bit better…

Why the name Bread + Butter?

  • Success lies in the ability to distil complexity into actionable simplicity
  • Just as bread and butter is a basic yet essential part of a meal, simplicity is the fundamental foundation for the success of organisations
  • Simplicity is the key to clarity and actionability. Simplicity creates a competitive advantage – hence our name, Bread + Butter.

What matters to us

  1. Outcomes: What’s the point in research if no decisions are made and no action is taken?
  2. Growth: We are never content; we believe there is always something to learn and improve.
  3. Enjoyment: We have to enjoy what we do. We want our clients to feel the same sense of fun and excitement from the power of research.

Over 25 years and still going strong

We are …

  • Proud of the many clients whose first experience of research has been with us, and now research has become an integral part of their business
  • Grateful for our long-standing client relationships, both with individuals and organisations
  • Joyful because of the fantastic people we get to work with, and the shared experiences and stories that result.

Meet our multidisciplinary research team

The Practice Leads

Margo Cashman

Margo Cashman

CEO + Founder

Endlessly curious. Always looking for a better way. Believes in the ultimate win-win. Closer alignment with what consumers need and want and what organisations do.

Dr Rachel Adams

Dr Rachel Adams

Research Director

Loves to dig deeply into people’s thoughts, behaviours, and lives to ensure no insight is left behind. Guides new and established clients to the best possible business outcomes.

Sam Fuller

Sam Fuller

Senior Research Consultant

B+B’s ‘youthful touch’. Sam enjoys getting behind the ‘what matters’ when it comes to shopping, packaging, and ‘why’ people buy.

Rachel Weatherhead

Rachel Weatherhead

Project manager

A B+B lifer. The regimental Sgt Major of the office. Loves to work behind the scenes and keeps everything humming along smoothly.

International partnerships

B+B can assist with your global research needs.

We are part of an international network of like-minded researchers conducting qual and quant studies anywhere from North America to China, South East Asia, and the UK. We work with local teams to ensure relevant cultural differences and similarities are understood and acted upon.

Affiliations with design agencies provide a more integrated approach to the development of packaging and NPD.

B+B is a pioneer in global online research. For over 10 years, we have been working with our USA partners at ’Aha’ on a purpose-built research platform. Capable of multiple languages and now deploying AI in larger studies, it is opening a new chapter in online research.