Actionable segmentation

Adding the ‘so what?’ and ‘what to do?’ to consumer and demand space segmentation

Understanding different consumers’ needs, category drivers, and demand spaces is central to targeting and portfolio management.

But without the ‘so what?’ and the ‘what to do?’ questions that impact the wider marketing mix (NPD, pricing, packaging, promotions, etc), segmentation and demand space studies do not reach their full potential.

Case Studies

Café culture (B2B)

How does one of the world’s largest coffee providers position itself for cafes who increasingly want small, local, distinct roasters?

By understanding the needs of café owners, we identified four personas of cafes and owners, and distilled the key needs both across and within segments.

This resulted in the development of a new sales strategy, informed a portfolio and acquisition plan and helped sales reps to solidify their current relationships by better understanding the owners.

Mass market solar in New Zealand

A new business model that didn’t require any up-front costs made solar more accessible to homeowners in New Zealand.

However, as the company made this transition away from technology-engaged early adopters to more wary mass market customers, they needed to identify the needs, aspirations, and barriers of taking solar to the mass market.

We identified three key segments with different attitudes and motivations for choosing solar, and brought understanding about how these aspirations and concerns play out across the customer journey.

This segmentation was used to inform a complete brand and comms plan, new product ranges, and the development of a clear sales engagement plan for frontline staff.

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