Activating your organisation’s existing knowledge

Why research what you already know?

Locked away in many organisations is a wealth of data and knowledge just waiting to be rediscovered.

We review this data, rethink and then reframe it to better answer the organisation’s current agenda.

This allows you to spend your budget on researching what you don’t know, rather than what has simply been forgotten or overlooked.

Case Study

Why re-invent the wheel?

A well-established manufacturing company had big plans to conduct a thorough consumer research program.

However, over the course of time much original and desktop research had been ‘lost’, with the current business unaware of what they already knew.


As a long term client of B+B, we were engaged to re-establish the knowledge back into the business, distilling previous local and overseas research – and a significant desktop audit – into four workshops. This provided a solid basis to rethink and reframe what was actually needed, and to be more effective with their research plans in future.

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