Innovation that delivers real customer value

Recognising the right type of innovation to generate greater customer-driven value

Blue sky NPD:

Answers the big questions: where do we go, how do we enter, what will our consumers need in the future?

Evolutionary NPD:

What’s the next generation of our product or service?

Incremental or ‘We have an opportunity’ NPD:

We have an idea/opportunity/product… is there a need?

Ethnography and co-creation are central to our approach at all three levels.

Case Studies

Blue Sky NPD

Selling out a new category

We joined forces with a well established drinks company to create a new category of premium adult non-alcoholic beverage.

Drawing on B+B experience and expertise in the F&B industry, the team embarked on a consumer study to understand taste preferences and pack designs.

The result was a mixed six pack, with promotional strategy and pack design, which sold out within a week of launch and remains a top seller today.

Evolutionary NPD

Bedroom Ethnography

We collaborated with a sleep apnea company to improve the easy of use and compliance of their machines.

We overcame the challenges of intimate diary-style videography in bedrooms to record the difficulties people encountered with their machines.

This resulted in the development of a whole new range of machines that were easier to wear and sleep in, and thus improved patient compliance.

We have product idea, is there a need?

NPD for the smallest room in the house

We teamed up with a leading home care company to reinvent the next generation of toilet freshener.

Filming in the loo can be challenging, however, the excruciating detail of this ethnographic study led to a whole new range of toilet cleaners and the end of the dreaded ‘cage’.

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