CX: Beyond the customer journey

The ‘journey map’ is just the start of creating a distinctive and ownable CX

Central to a CX program is an understanding of the role the category and organisation plays in people’s lives.

This provides the context for both the customer journey and, ultimately, the consumer experience.

  • Understanding what need or aspiration is motivating people to interact with an organisation is central to understanding how people think and behave across the customer journey
  • Recognising this drives what your customer experience needs to deliver
  • This approach is central to creating distinctive, ownable, and business- building customer experiences that have greater value to your customers.

Case Study

Creating experiences that empower families

We partnered with Australia’s leading childcare provider to overcome retention challenges across their brand portfolio.

By understanding the fundamental tension between parents and childcare providers that drives concern about putting their kids in care, we were able to create a distinct brand portfolio approach and CX strategy.

B+B developed parent personas, customer journey maps, a touch point strategy and customer experience maps including organisational purpose and values.

This resulted in a distinctive and ownable brand portfolio and new CRM protocols.

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