What we believe

Customer intimacy allows you to see opportunities through your customers’ eyes and act accordingly, making what you do of greater value to your customers

Step change your customer understanding

Think like your customers (not about them)

From …

To …

Rational knowledge
Intuitive understanding
Acknowledging their needs now
Anticipating how their needs will evolve
Customer knowledge
Customer intimacy

The advantage is being able to reimagine what the future looks and feels like for your customers, and act accordingly.

How customer intimacy drives customer value

1. When greater customer clarity drives vision and strategy, it builds a sense of confidence in the decisions being made.

2. Clarity around vision and strategy makes prioritising what comes next easier, keeping the organisation focused on what really matters to the customer.

3. With a clear plan of what comes next and why that is important to the customer, organisations can take a proactive approach to customer needs.

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