Our tools for success

There is no ‘one way’ to think.

Over the years, we have developed and honed a suite of proprietary tools and techniques that provide multiple entry points to each project



Our proprietary, online, depth interview and ethnography tool.

Opening up new frontiers in qualitative research, by enabling us to do things that were once impossible.

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Synoptic Mapping

Imagine knowing “where the market will be” in 5 years time, so you can allocate effort & resources accordingly, and plan a successful product portfolio.

This tool models the ‘ebb & flow’ within each category, via a single model that can evolve & be updated regularly.


If we want real, intuitive reactions to NPD, we need to start with stimulus that is indicative of the end result

This NPD tool reflects how people will actually experience the new product, and engages them in its development.

Qualitative U&A

A holistic view of people in their consumer, shopper and user modes.

As rich and detailed in ‘why’s’ as a traditional Quantitative U&A is in what’s, where’s & how’s.

DNA workshop

A cross-functional, co-creation approach to uncovering your organisation or brand purpose, vision, values and identity. 

Engaging Quant

Engagement has become the biggest challenge to the quality of online surveys. When people don’t really care, responses quickly become superficial, overly rational, and unreliable.

A people-centric approach to the design, structure, language, look and feel of the study is essential.

Persona Development

To make a difference to your customers lives you need to understand them as people, not just demographics.

This is best done by telling their personal stories, summarised as persona profiles that can be easily used across the organisation.

Superior Concept Screening

A fresh approach to evaluating product ideas, that delivers deeper richer insights, and provides clear direction.

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Listening Post

How are your consumers really feeling? Get a finger on the pulse read on what’s going on in everyday life and how it affects your organisation.

Optimising Your Online UX

More than ever, your website
is a key brand touchpoint.

Whether you need a quick renovation or a full rebuild,
our customer centric approach will optimise the user experience

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